CIME Decision aiding, Uncomplete and uncertain information fusion, Avalanche risk, Augmented reality HES-SO Valais-Wallis, HEIG-VD, ALEA,, ASGM Interreg 2018-2022
TRANSFRONTOUR Recommender System, User Profiles, User Preferences, Decision Aiding System, Algorithms, Tourism Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale Interreg – FEDER 2016-2019
PHOENIX Parsimony, Huge Observations of Earth Non-stationarities from Images Time Series Télécom Paris-Tech, Télécom Brest, University of Marne-la-Vallée, University of Campinas ANR (Blanc) 2015-2019
ReVeRies Educational and Interactive Plant Recognition for Smartphone Software LIUM (leader), LIRIS, EVS, IRHS ANR 2015-2019
VIP-Mont-Blanc Understanding and predicting the evolution of the environment: A research project on the morphological evolution of the Mont Blanc massif. ISTerre (leader), EDYTEM, CEREGE, LGGE, BIOGEOSCIENCES ANR 2014-2018
G4M Multi-occupations and multi-materials geodetection ENGIE (leader), Télécom Paris Tech FUI (15) 2014-2017
ONTOREVERSE The Ontoreverse project is dedicated to reverse software engineering based on domain ontologies. The main idea is that understanding programs relies on matching domain concepts with software structures CMDL (leader), CIAT, HEG, HORTIS SA, CTI INTERREG IV 2012-2015
REVES recognition trees species, photo, heterogeneous data fusion, smartphone LIRIS (leader), EVS ANR content and interaction 2010-2013
FOSTER data mining, satellite images, time series LIRIS, LSIIT, PPME ANR design and simulation 2011-2013
GLARISKALP (Fr) glacial hazards Arpa Vda, Cnr-IRPI, EDYTEM, FMS, GIPSA-lab, LGGE EUropean commission 2011-2013
BATIMETRE (Fr) energy performance, low energy buildings INES, LIST, LOCIE ANR intelligent solar housing 2010-2012
EFIDIR measurement of displacement, radar imaging IETR, GIPSA-Lab, LTCI, ISTerre, Lab. Géologie de l’ENS ANR Mass of data and knowledge 2008-2012
MES-Mestria (Fr) SOA, business process, service orchestration, QoS, preference models, MCDA, service catalog, MES, Web services, BPMN, software architecture, ISA-95 Alpha 3i, Carl software, Cincom, Courbon, Jam, M1i, Quasar solutions,DISP,Thésame Région Rhône-Alpes 2008-2011
EVALFILMS cooperative system melting information, selection of animated films CITIA Région Rhône-Alpes 2005-2008
MEGATOR glaciers, remote sensing, optical and radar data, treatment methodology GIPSA-Lab, LTCI,MAP-PAGE ACI->ANR Mass of data 2004-2007
Interactive desk man-machine communication, fuzzy, hand posture University of Kagawa University Savoie Mont Blanc 2002-2004
PETRA (Fr) methodological guide, industrial reorganization LGIPM University of Lorraine, University Savoie Mont Blanc 1999-2001